Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How to Choose Which Spnner to Use

Spinner Lure Brands
My favorite brand of spinner lures is Blue Fox brand.  I have caught most of my smallmouth on Blue Fox brand spinners.  They seem to be the strongest and best quality for the money.  These lures cost aprox $3 per each and can be bought at Wal-Mart.  Other brands of spinners that are successful are Mepps and Roster Tail.   But I have had trouble with Roster Tail lures bending because of snags or big fish.  Once the shaft of the spinner is bent it doesn’t work as well.  But Roster tails are about $1 cheaper than Blue Foxes.  The size lure that you want should be a size 1 or 2.  Lures bigger than a 2 are probably too big for smallmouth.  The box that the lure comes in should list the size.

Color Selection
Choosing the color of your lure is important.  Bass are vision predators.  If you are fishing after it has rained then the water will probably be cloudy for awhile.  When the water is cloudy use a silver spinner with a brightly colored shaft.  Silver and yellow is a good color combination for cloudy water.  You can also use a lure that is all silver.
Good When Water is Cloudy

If the water is clear use spinners that are golden or bronze.  The shaft should be more natural colors like green or blue. 
Good When Water is Clear

Closing Statement
These are just recommendations for colors.  One thing that you must do is experiment with different colors and color combinations.  If you are not catching fish try switching to a different colored spinner lure.  Maybe try 20 to 30 casts before switching lures to give each one a fair chance.  Now get out there and catch some smallmouth bass....  Tight Lines my freinds!

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