Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Why Smallmouth Bass Fight So Hard

Smallmouth bass are a freshwater only fish.  Smallmouth bass that live in lakes grow to be a little larger and bigger around- oval shaped.  Smallmouth bass that live in rivers are MUCH different.

River smallmouth can still grow to respectable size.  They are lean and torpedo shaped.  The constant struggle against moving water keeps them in great physical shape.  Smallmouth love fast moving water because of the increase oxygen level.  The increase in oxygen gives them an energy boost which is why they are more vigorous that lake fish.  I usually fish for smallmouth in rapids, smallmouth love rapids because they are able to take advantage of prey in the fast moving water.  This also makes the fight last longer and harder for the angler because not only are you struggling against the fish, but you are also struggling against the current.  This make river fishing challenging and fun.

River smallmouth are my favorite because they hit harder and fight harder than lake smallmouth or even lake largemouth bass.  In fact I would rather have a 3lb smallmouth on my line than an 8lb largemouth.  Most of the largemouth that I have hooked put up a good fight at first, but they quickly ran out of gas and it was basically like reeling in dead weight.

Hooking into a smallmouth is an instant adrenalin rush.  They fight like there's no tomorrow from beginning to end.  Even when they are pulled out of the water they thrash around as if to say "how dare your sir!"   

Are there any smallmouth anglers out there who agree with me?  Do you love smallmouth as much as I do?  I'd love to hear what you have to say, please post a comment with your smallmouth thoughts.


  1. i agree smallmouth bass are fun to catch because of the fight they put up, dont get me wrong lagemouth bass are fun to catch to

  2. I love smallies, they fight like theres no tmrw. A 25 inch pike I caught didnt fight nearly as hard a as a 14 inch smallie. They are pure warriors ;)