Monday, October 18, 2010

Smallmouth Bass Locations in VA

I have fished the following river locations for smallmouth bass.

New River in Virginia

The New River is awesome for smallmouth bass.  This river is on the west of the Appalachians and flows west into West Virginia, then it becomes the Ohio River and eventually flows into the Mississippi River.

Location #1: New River Junction (Blacksburg, VA
This campground is sweet.  It’s a privately owned campground and it’s really nice.  There lots of stuff to do for the whole family like cannoning and tubing.  They take pride in their lush grass campsites for pitching tents.  The mountain scenery is also very beautiful.  There are lots of river access points.  My dad and I found an awesome spot just upstream from the campsite.  We had to wade in the river to get there and avoid poison ivy.  There are a bunch of big boys in this river.  I caught 12” and bigger back to back to back in this part of the New River.

James River in Virginia

The James River is prime smallmouth habitat west of Richmond City.  The James River to the east of Richmond City is probably less productive.

Location #1: Pony Pasture (Richmond, VA)
Pony Pasture is a public access area to the James River just west of Richmond City.  There are lots of trails here up and down the river that have fishing spots on the bank.  I like to wade out into the water and fish for smallmouth like crazy.  Under normal conditions this stretch of the river is fairly shallow and very wide from side to side.  This provides a lot of fishing territory.  Just remember to wear your old sneakers, otherwise the sharp rocks will cut you up.

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