Friday, November 12, 2010

Samllmouth Bass Locations in SC

I have fished the following river locations for smallmouth bass.

Broad River in South Carolina
Although South Carolina’s Broad River is not as heavily populated as the rivers that I mentioned above it is still a great river for smallmouth bass!  It also happens to be the river in which I caught my personal record smallmouth of 5-1/2 lbs!  I had to battle this bad-boy for three minutes before I finally got it out of the water.  So there are defiantly smallmouth bass in this river.

Don't just take my word for it.  Check out this great online article about fishing for smallmouth bass on the Broad. 

Location #1: Broad River Dam (Columbia, SC)

This is an awesome location.  Very scenic for being so close to downtown Columbia.  The river is easily accessed by car with a public parking lot and public restrooms.

The rapids here can be very powerful so be careful.  These powerful rapids also yield powerful smallmouth bass!  There is great diversity in this river location.  I have caught smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, stripped bass, bream, channel catfish, and long nose gar all at this location.  The fun thing about spinner lures is that they have the potential to attract other species of fish aside from just bass. 

There is also a sign at this location that says "Warning: Alligators Sighted Here," but I have yet to see any for myself.  At this location you almost have no choice but to wade out into the water on onto the rocky islands.  There are a few spots on the bank but they are not very productive and get over fished.  The bottom of this river is both rocky and sandy depending on were exactly you are standing, old sneakers are defiantly recommended.

Please note that this river location offers both great fishing days and aggravating fishing days.  Some days I enjoy back-to-back fishing action.  Other days I end up highly disappointed.  I'm not sure why the inconsistency.  I will say that your best bet for catching bass is the summer months early in the morning.

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